Wedding in Brittany

More and more people nowadays are choosing to get married abroad. Some people would like to have dream wedding at the exothic location while many others simply want to avoid the stress that come with a traditional wedding. Most of the time It can be cheaper to have a wedding in another country, especially if you do not want to invite all cuisines and friends.

Most of the brides dream about having a wedding in its own medieval fairytale castles.


Wedding planners all around the world often suggest France due to its stunning landscapes, romantic castles and royal gardens. If you want to have your wedding in Brittany, France, you can even rent your own chateau. Chateau du Grand Val is one of the most charming French castle dating from the 17th century. Chateau has its own garden, pool and easy access to the beach in Brittany. You do not have to worry about parking places, food, drinks or wedding planners. Rent the entire castle and have a wedding day that you have always dreamed about. Wedding planners and coordinators will take care of all details and you can relax and enjoy on your honeymoon.

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